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the brain

Entrepreneur-centric M&A and investment.
Focus on science-rich and consumer-oriented Health and Tech.

Marie Curie and her husband Pierre came together through a shared love of science and research. They spent their marriage working side by side, sharing ground-breaking scientific discoveries and a Nobel Prize.

Our Dna:
transformative M&A

A marriage will transform you. It can also break you.

M&A is no different. pick brains over beauty.

What makes us

We are entrepreneurs advising entrepreneurs.

In a world transformed by tech and science,

we look at the day after tomorrow.

We are your sparring partner. We will challenge you continuously.


What is the future of your vertical?
Which innovation is a game-changer?
Where is the winning pathway?

We are Celimene

Celimene is the leading female character of the Misanthrope

The famous play of Molière.

Her name refers to marriage (“c’est l’hymen”) – yet she is a free and witty woman, with the brains and character to stand for her own vision of life... and marriage. At only 20, she eventually convinces Alceste that they wouldn’t be a good match together.

We relate to her because she knows what a long-term alliance requires. Aligning on a strategic vision and getting the right alchemy in values and work culture is key – much more than plain numbers or temporary “love”. Celimene picks brains over beauty.

please meet my brainy team


Reach out
if you are aiming
for new challenges
or new alliances.

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75008 Paris